How to record your cell phone screen

When we talk about how to record the screen of your cell phone we mean video recording, and it is that many devices already have a function to record the screen without the need for an external app.

Most of these integrated functions are already in version 9 of Android onwards but many users complain about the poor quality that some have when sending them through the most used media such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

And here are two details to take into account:

Sending recorded videos and losing the quality: This is what usually happens and the complaint of users since when sending by videos and not by file by WhatsApp and telegram, more than 50% of the video quality will be lost.

Bad screen recorder: If the recorder is for your device, it will have a little less quality than if this option were under an external app such as the App Store or Play Store.

In Android devices we can find it in our notification board and shortcuts. but if you cannot find it here, you will only have to search in the device's search engine as well as in its help service.

As is well known, for devices with the IOS operating system, the screen recorder is at the bottom or top of the main menu.

Screen Recorder Apps

There are hundreds of apps of this type, and many are very good because they are from well-known developer brands. Here are the best apps to record the screen of your device.


Inshot Screen Recorder: Maybe everyone's favorite when it comes to videos for YouTube, Tik Tok, Kwai and more, as its external features make it fair and accurate for these platforms.

Super video screen recorder: This app is quite good and remains among the first positions for its active advertising and its scores of almost 5 stars based on almost 300 thousand users.


Mobizen Record screen: This is an excellent option to record screen in a professional way since it has a high quality of video, editing and is multiplatform