How to permanently delete an Instagram account

Perhaps for various reasons we want to delete our Instagram account, either because of an annoyance, to disappear from it or because it is no longer interesting to us.

Whatever the reason ... Today we will teach you how to delete an Instagram account permanently, that's right, decisive and without going back.

In Instagram, itself, there is an option to deactivate your account but not to delete it, and no matter how much you look for them within the Instagram settings, you will not find it.

This option is outside of Instagram but if it belongs to the company. Be careful with this. If you delete the account, there is no way you can get it back, there is no way you can. Understood?

Steps to delete your Instagram account permanently

To permanently delete your Instagram account, you must follow this link: Delete Instagram account.

As you will notice on the page, there are different options in the menu, in this you will find questions about the reason why you leave Instagram. It should be noted that Instagram will do everything possible to convince you until the end not to delete your Instagram account.

And with good reason, it is not advisable for users to leave;)

So well, among the first options to choose to the question of the reason why you leave Instagram, it is.

- I can't find someone to follow.
- Too many ads
- Trouble getting started
- I don't have time / it deconcentrates me
- I am concerned about privacy
- I want to remove certain content
- Created another account
- Another reason

In addition to the survey, in the page menu, there are basic options such as edit profile, change password, email preferences and more.

Also, if all these options did not convince you to leave Instagram, there is another painting that you are not seeing. When you delete your Instagram account following the steps, it takes 30 days for it to be permanently deleted.

This happens in case at this time you regret it and want to activate it again, yes. Your account will not be found on Instagram when you try to check it in its search engine.