How to sell on WhatsApp successfully being a small business

Today we will teach you how to sell on WhatsApp successfully, either because you are independent or have a small business with several people doing different jobs.

Having a WhatsApp in your business is excessively important since each time giant companies use it for customer support.

And more when WhatsApp Business updates for the better with more and more tools that will make you a great seller.

  • How to sell on WhatsApp successfully

     Using WhatsApp for your business is highly profitable. and more when day-to-day people prefer to talk to an advisor quickly rather than a robot.

    Although clearly, automating is not bad and in that case, it is the best option, you should also add the option so that your clients can speak with a live advisor.

    This is where you come in as an advisor with sales techniques or one of your colleagues in your venture.

    Provide personalized customer service through WhatsApp: As we have said before, automating your sales through WhatsApp is one of the best things we can do, but an advisor available at specific times or 24/7 is also very important.

    This is because almost always people want to start a conversation about a case that your company needs to solve and for this, the trust that an advisor may or may not provide is necessary.

    Logically, the advisor can also close the sale quickly by adding gifts or extra services to the client's purchase.

    Use WhatsApp Business for your business: By using WhatsApp Business you can segment chat, label and many more functions that normal WhatsApp does not have.

    In addition, it provides a more professional service such as incoming messages to the chat, a more professional profile, allows you to connect to other social networks and more.

    Do not spam: Although it seems very difficult not to spam, because obviously we want to sell more, it is best not to spam.

    Even if you think that a little message from time to time to the users sending offers, promotions and gifts for purchase, do not do it, it is best to use the WhatsApp statuses.

    These are not intrusive at all and generate more confidence in your company, in addition to using good posts, it will improve the perspective that customers have about your business.

    Another very important fact: IF you do a lot of spamming in your customers' chat, they can block you and in turn report you. WhatsApp would block your WhatsApp when seeing that many users have reported you for various reasons.

    Use a WhatsApp Bot: This is an excellent option when you are not available or have clients from several countries with different time zones.

    Be careful with this: There are many WhatsApp Bots that are premium, and even I might think that I would not find free options when it comes to automation tools for a business, but there are.

    As we will automate WhatsApp for both mobile and desktop, what we will need is not to lose the internet connection because the Bot works perfectly and cannot be turned off since it would not send messages or responses.

    Good WhatsApp Bots like these, yes, they have a premium option that as far as I'm concerned is not necessary, but hey, use them correctly and sell a lot.