How to make money with Telegram in 2022?

As we have said before, Telegram is a powerful messaging app and is among the most used worldwide, and with the wide variety of functions and tools that it has, it is almost impossible for us to say little about this wonderful app.

Today we will talk about how to use Telegram to earn money and maintain a profitable program with it using growth and monetization strategies.

How is a Telegram channel monetized?

First we will give the points to talk about and then we will conceptualize about these: The first method to make money with Telegram is through advertising or post sales.

Make money with Telegram by selling advertising: If you have Telegram channels with high communities and many post views, post sales is a very profitable option.

It consists of advertisers, users, entrepreneurs and others paying you to publish a post with striking content and a link to follow, whether they press the link, follow a user or another Telegram channel and so on.

There are many examples, the options are many.

And is that by having one more Telegram channel you can charge a monthly payment to make eye-catching posts, yes, the views of your Telegram channel must be very good and consistent.

There are many points to take into account before charging for a post, but it is excellent to think that you are going to make money with it. Which should first see the rank of your views comparing your subscribers, origin, theme, statistics, interaction and others. For example.

If your Telegram channel has 5,000 subscribers, on the subject of cryptocurrencies, and your post after 5 hours is seen by around 1,000 people, you could charge between 5 and 45 dollars per post.

I will explain why, most of the people who already have a product or service and ask you to publish it, possibly sell quickly if the niche of your Telegram channel is the same as the niche of your advertiser.

With just one person selling a product or service for $ 10 to 100 people, they will be making a lot of money while you charged a lesser amount, that is not good.

Be careful with this, your advertiser must be a responsible person and not cheat the members of your community, otherwise, the one who will suffer the consequences will be you for promoting them.

Another way to earn money with Telegram is through the sale of Channels

There are many forums on the internet that sell these channels and they do it for a reason, when you have a Telegram channel on a specific niche and you don't have time to manage it, you can sell it and make money with it.

Although there are companies that grow these channels and sell them, it is not a highly sought after topic but it is advice so that you can get some money from those channels that no longer interest you.

Of course, the statistics vary a lot to the same as the method above, both your views and subscribers must be consistent, you can check this in your Telegram administrator since it offers data and statistics so you can see who has the notifications activated, subscribers, region, and more.