How to gain more Instagram followers with Tik Tok

One of the most popular short video platforms in the world is Tik Tok. In addition, its growth is such that content creators use it to lean on other platforms and social networks.

That is why today we will talk about how to gain more Instagram followers with Tik Tok using small growth strategies that you can use to gain followers on more platforms at the same time.

Let's see, Instagram is a powerful social network so growing on it is quite difficult. That is why many users choose to use social networks like Tikctok and Kwai to gain more real followers.

Especially since a verified Instagram account is worth a lot, not for the money but for what it represents as a brand, business, artist and more.

How to gain more Instagram followers with Tik Tok

Logically what we will do is create a Tik Tok account, but the strategy is to use will be to create valuable content on specific micro niches. For example:

Among the most viral niches and many niches on Tik Tok, there is education, dance, comedy and entertainment that may or may not be at home.

Remember that micro niches are the sub niche of a specific topic, for example. The micro dance niche can be Colombian salsa dances and will be based solely on this.

Most used niches to go viral on Tik Tok

→ Controversy
→ Entertainment
→ Dances
→ Education
→ Comedy
→ Food

If you take some of these topics, quite possibly your content will be more viewed to gain more followers on Tik Tok, now, once you gain followers on Tik Tok and have the odd viral video ...

What you will do is that in all your videos, post a comment in which you say that they follow you on Instagram, this is very important, that it is in each video indicating that on Instagram there are more parts of the video, and so on.

Now, both in your description and as the Instagram button in Tik Tok must be activated, this will give you more possibilities that users will dress your Instagram account more and follow you.

It is very important that your Instagram account also has a good description to receive those users who come from Tik Tok and other social networks and platforms