Enable comments and Reactions in Telegram quickly.

There is a very easy way to be able to activate your comments and reactions on Telegram quickly and safely, this will help you take a big step in your entrepreneurship or business. reactions to your posts.

Since you will be able to know for sure what your audience thinks about the content you are offering or what their possible reactions to your publications would be.

It is really amazing how Telegram every day is making new updates to improve your application, incredibly this time gives us the option of being able to activate comments in our own groups or channels.

As well as the possibility of activating the animated relations for each publication, the most incredible thing is that you can activate the comments and reactions at the same time without any difficulty.

There are different ways to do it, some more complicated than others, but here we will show you how to do it step by step in a simple and uncomplicated way so that you can move forward every day with your business that you have put so much effort into.

What seems complicated is really simple, you just have to put into practice all the steps that we are going to give you below and you can achieve the goal in your channels to know in depth the opinions of your viewers and the reactions of the same, this also allows you to have a good interaction and trust with your subscribers.

Activate the comments on your telegram channels is really easy, you just have to go to the profile of the channel in which you want to activate the comments, then at the top you will find a pencil, which you are going to give "Click" and this will give you the option to edit your profile, then press the conversation option.  

This will allow you to create a chat group for your comments, click on create a new group, you will have the option to give it a name, the name of your preference but that is similar or that has concordance for the channel where you decided to activate the comments so that you have a good order and control of it. 

It also gives you the option to add a photo, you do it by clicking on the camera located at the top left, choose the photo of your choice, after completing these steps you click on finished, which is the option that appears at the bottom right in blue and that's it.

This way you have your conversation group ready, you can now make your posts in your channels openly so that your subscribers can naturally comment on your content and have an excellent interaction with your audience.

Enabling reactions in Telegram

Incredibly getting reactions on telegram has been one of the new updates of the platform that has caused a positive reaction in all entrepreneurs and businessmen who are working through this application, as it allows them to know the way of thinking or reacting of their audience helping to improve your content or keep it under a margin.

To activate your reactions in telegram you just have to go to the profile of your group, to which you want to activate them, click on the pencil that is located at the top left, you will notice that within the different options you will find "Reactions" and it is specified as "No", I appreciate as exactly there, slide to the right to activate the relations and that's it.

Telegram gives you the option of different types of reactions, but you have the possibility to leave them all or simply select the ones you think your group needs, you just have to "Click" on the ones you don't think are convenient and they will be immediately deactivated.