4 Telegram tricks you should know

With these tricks you can give a greater benefit to Telegram, the messaging application that has been updated the most in a year.

And the truth is that Telegram is a marvel, with each update, Telegram is a very complete messaging application, used by millions of users around the world for its variety of functions like no other.

So today we will talk about some tricks that we have highlighted and that you may like.

4 Telegram tricks you should know

Pin chats: 

Telegram has a function to set the chats, for example, if you want a message to always be kept in view of your users of a Telegram channel or group, you can do it.

This feature is great because this way you don't have to always post the same message so that users know something quickly.

Basically when you enter a Telegram channel or group it is one of the first things you see, so it is a great function to indicate news or an update about your project if that is the case.

In addition, that's not all, you can not only set a message but several, when a user clicks on the set message, he can continue to see the others that have been fixed over time, be it texts, photos, videos or gifs. Cool no?

Telegram is unlimited storage:

Although not very credible, Telegram does not charge extra fees for using its application as storage. Either because you use the saved messages or a simple chat to save your most precious photos, videos and messages.

We all know that there are very expensive fees for cloud storage such as MEGA, DRIVE, DROPBOX and more, but although they are recommended, we can first fill our Telegram storage.

The coolest thing about all this is that the quality of your documents, files and more will not be lost. In addition, each chat that you do with yourself or in saved messages you can segment it to create folders only on one topic.

Change the format of your texts quickly:

Like WhatsApp, Telegram was not far behind and has a shortcut so you can change the format of texts, such as the style of italic, bold or strikethrough text.

This is excellent since if you have a Telegram channel or group and you must mark something important you can do it this way, either by placing the important message in bold and what is no longer going to be used in strikethrough.

In addition, not only are these functions but also, that you can place a link or underline the message that you like.

Telegram updates for good and frequently so possibly we will find more features like these very soon.

Hide the originator of messages when you forward them

Telegram has the option to hide or show the author when you forward a message, and this is very useful and important since sometimes we just want to forward a message without the author being seen.

Same quality that other messaging apps like WhatsApp don't have

You just have to click on the forwarding arrow when you are about to send the message and you will get the main options and voila, it is very easy.