4 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Instagram Stories.

It is incredible the way in which Instagram stories have taken a great stir on the platform, the way in which they have generated many visits to the pages and have increased the followers by uploading good content in their stories, either by be dynamic, creative, entertaining or fun.

The impressive thing about making excellent stories is that it will allow you to have a completely new audience.

Stories on Instagram are easy to make, but not all of them generate a great attraction to people, for this it is necessary to know how to play with all the effects or designs so that it makes a great positive impression on the viewers.

You have to generate good reactions in people with the content to upload and the good handling of the material that the platform offers us to maintain originality, better quality and that everything is seen naturally.

The right way to attract an audience to see your Instagram stories is by uploading good content, be it educational or entertainment.

But it is of great importance to make the stories in a creative, casual, colorful way or with excellent designs in order to capture the attention of the general public and make them become addicted to your design and good content.

Remember that a user simply selects the story they want to see and if in seconds you cannot capture their attention, the effort invested in creating content will not really be worth it, you must bear in mind that it is not only what you are going to upload but how and with what you are going to improve it.

There are various types of effects or filters that help you improve the quality or the functioning of your stories, they will help you to immediately capture the user's attention and make your visits rise more and more as well as the number of your followers in Instagram, only you can become addicted to your stories knowing and putting into practice the various tricks that I am going to explain to you below

1.- Green screen.

It is one of the effects that allows you to use this application to make your stories more creative and more explanatory, within the different types of green screen that it offers you are the Reveal Background and Green Screen.

These can be obtained within your filters or effects of your collection, in case you do not have them, you simply have to go to the end of your filters that you commonly have at the bottom, where you will find a magnifying glass that refers to the search engine, click and you put the name of the screen to see that I mentioned earlier and they will appear immediately.

Reveal Background. Es un efecto de pantalla verde que permite tenerte en directo y al mismo subir una imagen o un vídeo de fondo para que de alguna u otra manera puedas señalar o explicar alguna situación presentada. 

You simply click on adding any content that you have saved and immediately place it in the background. It should be noted that you can appear and disappear the background while you are live, all you have to do is give "Click" to the screen to make the background disappear and press the screen to return again.

Green Screen. It is a more conventional look screen, it is more common since it also allows you to add an image or video in the background but does not give you the possibility of disappearing and appearing when it seems convenient.

You will always stay live. But if it allows you to enlarge or reduce your size in front of the background, you do this in the same way you can move from one side to another within the story looking for a better visibility of the content you have behind

2.- Color when making a publication

This type of effect helps you have a bit of mystery and intrigue when publishing, regardless of the content you are going to upload.

You just have to add the video or photograph, click on the three points that are in the upper right part of the application and there you will be given the option to draw, press and it will show you a color bar which you will choose the one of your preference and then you will leave pressing on the screen, it will immediately cover all of the selected color, at the top you will find the rubber of the application you give it "click" and you begin to erase little by little and according to your preference of how much amount of visibility to people and the way you want it to look.

In the same way, if you do not want the image to be completely covered as in the photo above, you can use the brush number 3 that is at the top, leave it pressed until the image or video is completely covered and you will realize that It remains as a highlighter, in the same way you can erase to your liking and way.

3.- Words to place them in the color that your own photo contains.

Incredibly, Instagram gives you the option of being able to write any word or phrase in your post, you can even put the words of the color that the application throws at you in its selection bar, but it has an impressive option that you can place the color of your words according to the colors that your own image has, example. If you are going to publish a photo of a sunset, and you want to place the phrase "calm" you have the option of shading it with the colors that the sunset photo contains.

This can be done in a very simple way, you simply have to add an image of your preference to place in your Instagram story, then place you must write the phrase that you want, you give it in the color option it is in the upper part in the form of precious circle and then you click on the little drop that is at the bottom of the application on the left side and with it you touch the color of preference that is in your image and you will see how the word or phrase that you write becomes the color you selected, totally awesome.

4.- Conduct surveys

A very dynamic way to attract viewers and to create very creative stories on Instagram is by doing surveys when you upload a post, so you can have good interactions with your general public, in the same way you can know a little what your audience thinks or their tastes .

It is a very easy way to make finds in your insta-story, you simply select an image that you want to publish in the story, once the image is added at the top it allows you in the second option to place the questionnaire, to which you will put the question of your preference and then the answers in the options, to the amount you want and then you give "click" where it says ready in the upper right and immediately you have your story with find ready to publish in your stories.

It should be noted that you can place the questionnaire the size you want or you can move it from one place to another according to your convenience. You can make it bigger or smaller by placing two fingers (preferably the index finger and the thumb) to make it bigger by opening them little by little, to decrease it, close the fingers little by little. And to move it you just have to give it "click" and slide your finger to where you want to place it.